Migratory Birds Arrived to Bid Farewell to Summer Birds

Hello readers, Islamabad has witnessed its first winter rain this weekend and the arrival of migratory birds has started. However still the summer birds share the same places and are preparing for long tiring flights to their new home. Me, RMK and ZR from Islamabad wish them safe flight,

I was wondering if I will be able to catch-up with my timings with the birds this season? Yes, I think I will have some lovely times with the winter birds, as my latest visit to Trail 5 in Margalla Hills has motivated me to keep moving. On October 22, 2017, myself and ZR planned a visit to the Trail and there was a mixture up of summer and winter birds. The Asian Paradise Flycatcher was still around and enjoying the thick forest of National Park.

Asian Paradise Flycatcher
Oriental White-eye
The warblers and Oriental White-eyes were busy bathing in the stream, while the black-chinned Babblers and Red-billed Leiothrix were not showing much. This happens every year. The winter birds take their time in settling down and when the water source is squeezed in the colder months, they become friendlier. However, the Black Bulbuls and Red-throated Flycatchers don’t mind the presence of us intruding.

Black Bulbul
Red-throated Flycatcher
The Rusty-tailed Flycatcher, a passage migrant to Central Asia was making brief but loud sounds. A cheeky and smart flyer, he keeps the surroundings busy with his presence.

Rusty-tailed Flycatcher
Trail 5 has been the core point for birds drinking water and the drama begins with the arrival of birds of prey. Chippering, singing and bathing in the water, all the small birds are unaware of the presence of this ghost. Bird watching and photographing is a real-time pleasure, where you see things happening in front of you. The master of the woods the Eurasian Sparrowhawk keeps scanning the area from a hidden spot and then avail any opportunity to attack its prey.

Eurasian Sparrowhawk
It’s almost eight years now that I am visiting the Margalla Hills in search of birds and this time it was a big surprise, when my buddy ZR recorded the presence of a BESRA, a first record for the area. The fight for supremacy over the stream at Trail 5 between the Sparrowhawk and the Besra is a treat to watch when they chase each other.

Few ducks are on Rawal Lake but Bluethroats in have been recorded in my last trip with my friend Ellen. I am sorry that I couldn’t send you the write up for that. Walking with new friends on the edges of rawal lake will give more chances to see the passage migrants.

Please allow me to share the website of Wood Note Films, so that our readers can enjoy the video filmed by us of the bird’s images: www.woodnotefilms.com

With fingers crossed and options still alive, I believe that islbirder and our friend Tony from the valley of wolves on the Welsh border will join me and my Team in the coming months, to enjoy the beauty of Islamabad and Pakistan. 

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