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Rare Birds for Birders during Luckiest Outing To Ayubia

It has been few weeks since Islamabad has received rain and the weather is pretty hot, with mist and dust in the air. Once a city of clean air, Islamabad is suffering pollution like the other cities in Pakistan.
I am lucky that an adult male Crimson Sunbird has been regularly visiting a Banana Plant in my garden. I kept my camera handy and enjoyed time with this beauty.
Birds in the Margalla Hills are having terrible time, as the water sources are almost dried out and they are remaining at higher altitudes. Understanding the situation, RMK, ZR and my diplomatic friends decided to travel up to Ayubia National Park.
We left Islamabad at 0600 hours and our first stop was a roadside place near Murree. Around 0745 hours when the sun was almost touching the peaks, ZR was lucky to take a lovely shot of an adult female Black-naped Woodpecker. A very rare bird in Pakistan.
I was lucky to see a pair of Slaty-headed Parakeets. We spent some time at this spot and then decided to move on to a new area…