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Birding Seasons End and Begin in Islamabad

I am extremely sorry for the late write up of the blog for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t have my buddy Islbirder by my side and, secondly, life has made me busier with business; these are two very genuine reasons. Anyhow, that doesn’t mean that I have not done anything at all for the birds. A few of my fellow birders have been busy moving around Islamabad, finding new birds and sharing it with us on the face book pages, whilst I have been appearing on different TV channels to pass on my conservation messages to as many people as possible

I am so excited to share a very strange image of a bird, that was my pet for two years. It is a Canary that I bought from Afghanistan a long time back. It used to sing so many different voices but when I realised that it shouldn’t be in cage, I decided to take the Canary and its mate to Islamabad and released them in the Margalla Hills, with the hope that they may breed. During last weekend I went to D12 and spotted a beautiful Blue Rock Thrush and too…