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Identity of Mystery Bird Solved

Thank you for the responses we received in relation to the identity of the Bunting that RMK photographed in the D12 area of Islamabad on Saturday 8 November 2014. The bird in the photograph below is a STRIOLATED BUNTING (Embariza striolata). This species was previously known as House Bunting but, clearly, that was too easy to spell. The species is usually found much further south than Islamabad and to the west of the River Indus. As a sparse resident the Striolated Bunting does not normally stray far from its breeding areas and is not prone to irruptions or large movements. Consequently, this was an excellent find by RMK.
As Pakistan enters the best time of year to be birding I am so, so jealous not to be there. To RMK and all of my birding friends in Islamabad and Sialkot enjoy the delights that the Birding Season has to offer. Islbirder

Sorry my Friend I Found it Without You and Mystery Bird Challenge!

On Saturday 8 November 2014, I took a serious Birder and a friend of ISLBIRDER on a birding trip near Islamabad. The light was extraordinary and I was praying to find some exclusive bird that I had not seen before.  When I am writing the blog, I was just thinking that it took Islbirder and me two years trying to photograph a Wallcreeper but we never photographed one. Islbirder did see one (at the ruins in Taxila) and I wasn’t there with him, but the mission to photograph this species was my responsibility.
This lovely morning when I started off with my friends from UK, I saw a lovely CRESTED LARK, singing and was enjoying the beautiful morning. 
I know ISLBIRDER will say a big WOW, when he sees the images below of the female WALLCREEPER that we found in the D12 Sector of Islamabad. Sorry my friend we never found that together but today I found that for you. :-)

I was very excited the whole day and kept looking for something new. Not far when we started our drive, we found EURASIAN SKYLAR…

Thank You My Friend

On Sunday 2 November 2014 RMK kindly agreed to guide a visiting birder around some of the birding sites surrounding Islamabad. Whilst most of the winter visitors and altitudinal migrants are yet to arrive there was plenty to keep everyone happy. Some species would have been familiar to the guest but others would have confirmed he was in a foreign land with a most spectacular and exciting avifauna. How I miss living in Pakistan!
RMK was kind enough to forward me the photographs he obtained on the day. These were just opportunist shots taken on the birding trip and did not involve a hide or hours of careful planning. However, I am sure our valued readers would agree that they are impressive nonetheless.
The first photo shows evidence of birds moving around during this autumnal phase with a flight shot of a group of COMMON WOODPIGEON, This species is now a common garden bird in much of western Europe but in Pakistan it is much more difficult to find being sparsely and widely spread.
The Mar…

First Bird Photography Trip of the New Season

We are extremely sorry for not keeping you updated lately about the Birds of Islamabad particularly and Pakistan in general. Sometimes it’s very difficult to fill in the gap, I am sure you would know what I am referring to, IslbirderJ. On the other hand I (RMK) have been terribly busy for the last few months. Anyway let’s not make more excuses for not writing the Blog and I will write about my recent visit to the Margalla Hills, Lake View Park and our favourite marshy area just outside Islamabad.
After a long summer break autumn is around the corner and on 26 October 2014, I picked up my gear early in the morning and headed straight to the woodland in one of the beautiful valleys of Margalla Hills. I believed that altitudinal migrants must have started coming down from the northern mountains of Himalayas; birds must be in the Murre hills area by now. The drive to the woodland was very similar to our previous visits, a bit of excitement as it was after a long time that I came to this ar…