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The Salt Range Lakes

On Saturday 23 November 2013, RMK and I made our way to Uchchalali Lake deep into the Salt Range of the Punjab. The lake, in years gone by, had been famous, from an ornithological perspective, for a wintering population of the globally threatened White-headed Duck. Although I was lucky enough to have seen this species in Southern Spain we could not find any amongst the wildfowl at Uchchali. We had arrived, as planned, before dawn and as the first hint of light appeared in the eastern sky we were already on a boat making our way across the water.

Uchchali is also known for the GREATER FLAMINGO flock that frequents the area. We counted 50 birds in total that are a remarkable sight when they take to the air; which they occasionally did when hassled by one of the many WESTERN MARSH HARRIER.

On the surface of the lake was a good variety of waterfowl and these included many of the expected species (with the exception of White-headed Duck). There were EURASIAN TEAL, COMMON POCHARD, EURASIAN…