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Crested Kingfisher Made Our Day

During each monsoon, amid all the humid and warm weather ZR and I continue to visit the southern slopes of the Margalla Hills in the hope of finding the gorgeous Indian Pitta. Islbirder did the same when he was in Islamabad but none one of us has succeeded so far. I am sure one day we will find this elusive species.
In Islamabad these days you will see juvenile Green and blue-tailed Bee-eaters, Brown Rock Chat, Indian Robins and Asian Paradise Flycatchers along with many other local birds.
The birds of prey have plenty to eat and I spent 40 minutes with a female Shikra that was determined to and succeeded in extracting a Common Myna chick from the nest in a pine tree.

However, the most surprising of all the birds that we are following recently was the Crested Kingfisher. This bird is rare but usually seen around Islamabad during winter moths. Whilst photographing Wire-tailed Swallows, our eyes were not deceiving us and we saw a Crested Kingfisher on a branch overhanging one of the stream…