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A Visit to the Marala Wetlands near Sialkot Late March 2015

I am sorry for being away so often for so many reasons. I have been meeting people and organisations that work for the protection of wildlife in Pakistan and finally I managed to get all of them together for a full day conference on Sunday 26 April 2015.
Nevertheless, I made a quick visit to the Marala Wetlands on 23 March 2015. I had heard that lot of hunting had been going on there. It was to my utter surprise and horror that I could not find a single Bar-headed Goose there. Last year Me and Islbirder has seen them in hundreds.
Being very upset about the situation I started my day with a broken heart. My friends and photographers from Sialkot were with me and we made our way, before dawn, into the middle of the Marsh. We had looked for Painted Storks as these elegant birds can be seen in the early morning, before they move to the river in the middle of the day. I waited for almost two hours to see when the Painted Storks would land but no luck.
We were well received by Great Egrets, Gr…