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Seabird Bonanza in Oman

We were looking for a beachside resort located in Oman within a reasonable distance from Seeb International Airport near Muscat. Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa about 35kms (45 minutes) south of Muscat appeared ideal and so it was. We were on a week’s R&R and as we are normally about 1000 miles from the ocean, I was keen to do some seawatching. For the uninitiated seawatching is a pastime that birders undertake having found a suitable perch on a promontory over looking the sea. You then simply watch to see what is moving over the waves. An onshore breeze is preferable and a headland is chosen in the hope that pelagic birds pass closer to land at that point. Seawatchers are normally a hardy bunch who brave the elements in search of their quarry. I have to admit my seawatching perch was a sun lounger on the manicured beachfront lawn of the Barr Al Jissah, a 5-star location for some 5-star birding.
Once I’d reassured other guests that my telescope and tripod were to be us…