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Eurasian Bittern Found at Rawal Lake

Hello Dear Readers, RMK reporting from Islamabad. The long awaited time has finally arrived with a few interesting winter birds visiting Rawal Lake and some birds from the Himalayas have arrived in the Margalla Hills.

The leaves of some trees have started turning into their autumnal hues and the weather is dry following the monsoon season. My colleague ZR and I have been searching the Margalla Hills trails and some of the wetlands surrounding Islamabad. However, it was mostly the more common species we encountered.
Although and exceptionally, we encountered five pairs of Crested Kingfishers in the valleys, which is assurance that some wintering birds are around the capital city and the coldest season might be early this year. However, currently the temperature is still warm but that hasn’t halted migration.
ZR has visited more areas than me and observed and photographed the birds in his amazing images. New boys with their cameras and lenses are producing some wonderful images and the num…