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Search for the Golden Bush Robin Continues! (Our 100th Post)

I have very strange feeling these days, as a few people making me embarrassed by asking the question, am I a birder or a bird photographer. My simple answer is whatever I am doesn’t matter and with smile I tell them I am a nature lover, a birder, a wildlife protector and a photographer.
Anyway, the news of Golden Bush Robin was very warm and I decided to follow the bird, as it occasionally visits the Margalla hills during winter. So I didn’t want to miss the chance and took two days out in the field to find this beauty.
Islamabad is wonderful place to be in winter andmany of mynew friends want to go out with me in the field. Over the weekend two of them joined ZR and me for birding on Trail 5 . We had a good chat about birds and nature and later on we let them have their climb up Maragalla Hills.
Overall the weekend ending on 18 January 2015 was very fruitful. We search Trail 5 for two consecutive days and travelled almost 40 km each day deeper into the Margallas to find and photograph t…

Brown Crake in Islamabad. Rubbish!

BROWN CRAKE is a rare breeding species In Pakistan and for many years could only be found adjacent to damp areas around Rawalpindi. During the 1980s they were occassionally recorded around or near Rawal Lake, Islamabad. 
Brown Crake is a species that is badly affected by destruction of its habitat. RMK's photographs taken on Sunday 11 January 2015 highlights the problem that this species faces as it maintains a tenuous foothold in Pakistan. A rare bird in rubbish; what a sad indictment. However, with RMK's efforts along with the Himalayan Wildlife Foundation to establish a nature reserve adjacent to Rawal Lake perhaps the Brown Crake will remain on the Pakistan List as a breeding bird.

Altitudinal Migrants Arrive In Islamabad

Hello everyone, this is RMK, I hope you had a lovely New Year with your friends and families. I enjoyed it to the best and was really happy to go birding after my vacation.
I had a feeling that birds from mountains must have come down now as the temperature in Islamabad had dropped to zero so it must be very cold in mountains. On 3 January 2015, I decided to visit the famous Trail 5 into the Margalla Hills. It was freezing in the morning, my colleague ZR was waiting for me in the parking area. It was 0700 hours in the morning and I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw an ASIAN KOEL fly from a tree. I am sorry that I couldn’t take an image but it was very unusual, at this time, for Asian koel to be there.
Anyway, our climb along the trail didn’t take too long and we were at our favoured spot with the water-filled the little ponds. It's so difficult to photograph birds in there at Trail 5 as light is terribly low and which makes the images grainy even using high ISO settings.
We saw R…