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Dusky Eagle Owl Returned to Nest

The weather forecast for Saturday 1 March 2014 was clear and sunny. I decided that I would travel deep in to the Margalla Hills to check for new species of birds, as Islamabad’s weather is warming up and migration to north and Siberia would be underway. 
It was late in the night that a friend and fellow photographer from WWF Pakistan called me and said that a young Eagle Owl had fallen from its nest during a first attempt at flight. I immediately changed my plans! Rarely does one get such an opportunity with wildlife photography so I made the trip to see this beauty as I had never seen one before.

I left Islamabad for Bilawal near Sargodha early in the morning at 0530 hours and was on the spot exactly three hours of driving on the motorway. The juvenile DUSKY EAGLE OWL was lost and confused and was looking at us very sadly. A few BLACK KITE were in the area were attacking the poor chick from all sides. We took a few pictures of him and then asked a local guy to take the Dusky Eagle Owl …