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Prelude to Winter Provides a Lifer

Hello Readers, I hope you are welcoming the coming winter. Islamabad did not receive any rain for over a month now and it’s still warm, dry and dusty.
Me, Swabi Birder, Zr and AK had a wonderful weekend with birds in different areas of Margalla Hills National Park. Our journey always starts at 0545 hours in the morning and then the whole day is spent watching the spectacular wildlife and birds of Islamabad.

The water sources have diminished along Trail 5 and in Kharian village amongst woodland. So far, we have seen only one Rufous-Bellied Niltava visiting us on the stream at Trail 5. However, a Rufous-breasted Accentor also showed up on the stream beside the Warblers bathing in a side pond.
The Thrushes, common in winters haven’t yet arrived, as the weather is still quite warm, with haze and smog in the city. The Meteorological Department is forecasting some rain starting from this coming Tuesday until Thursday. I believe, hopefully, with the rain, the temperature will drop more at the …

European Sparrowhawk & Passerines Share the Same Water Source

It’s been now almost seven years that RMKis regularly visiting the Margalla Hills to find new birds and share the images with the readers. This winter is going to be exciting, as the only water source is being shared by the Eurasian Sparrowhawk and the migratory birds both.
The drama continues when the birds set in for the bath and drink and then, the ghost appears from nowhere and chase them. The hawk may be driving the birds away but I am waiting for my kind of a shot, where the bird of prey attacks a small bird and the cycle of nature is completed.

Over the weekend ending on 30 October 2017, we found that leaves have started changing their colours and accompanied by my new colleague Abdullah Khan, ZR and myself scanned the area quickly. We thought this time beside birds, we will find some mammals also. We found some lovely birds in woodland and along Trail 5.

The team was lucky to find the female of Rufous-bellied Niltava, after seven years and a lifer for myself. On the other hand,