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Team Islbirder Discover a Lifer

December isn’t a bad month for birding in Islamabad but this time of the year can be a terrible time for birds of Margalla hills.The only water source that used to attract all the birds and mammals of the National Park has dried out. I am on the move to put in water drums at the place to keep the birds coming to the same spot.
Having this type of situation on the trials, the Team has decided to move deep in to the Margallas and find new sources of water. This time I was accompanied by friends from diplomatic enclave. They are all keen birders and have enjoyed the trip.
While walking along the fields, Swabi birder found a Wren, a lifer and a very uncommon species in Pakistan. It took me almost 30 minutes following him in the bushes and the stone walls. Very vocal and cheeky bird, very hard to photograph. I remember once, when I was in UK I kept chasing it and couldn’t get a shot of it. I believe islbirder remembers that.
Beside that we found a Rusty-cheeked Scimitar Babbler and a Black-ch…