More Waders Passing Through Islamabad

Swabi Birder has been out and about around Rawal Lake again this weekend. If you look closely at one of the photographs he took below you will see a clue as to why Rawal Lake has such magnetic properties for migrating wader species. Hatching flies can be found in enormous numbers and they are consumed in huge quantities by hungry birds refuelling during interruptions to their journeys.

Migrating Waders Stop Off at Rawal Lake

Spring is in the air and so are migrating species of waders and where better to look for them than around the shores of Rawal Lake. On Sunday 11 March 2018 Swabi Birder visited this stretch of water just outside of Islamabad and he wasn't disappointed with the variety of wading birds he managed to photograph. Keep your eyes open as it is a good time for a rarity to drop in!

Breeding Birds Preparing Around Islamabad

Hello readers, Swabi birder had a busy weekend with the birds in Margalla hills and Rawal Lake. Sunday 4 March 2018 was a lovely sunny day, with the onset of spring in the Capital. Flowers have carpeted the parks and the lakeside. The amazingly green Islamabad is blooming these days.
I, along with Mrs Swabi birder, decided to walk in the woodland at Kharian village to avoid the crazy traffic that has started in this capital city over the past years. My wife an ideal life partner, who encourages my interest she has developed a liking for the birds and I am happy that I have added another birder to the list in Islamabad. I remember Islbirder used to go birding with Mrs Islbirder. I am trying to keep the tradition of my best buddy going on. I hope the readers will appreciate that.

Migratory birds and waders are on the move and the lakeside is an interesting place to visit. Spring is in the air and birds are calling each other and l believe that soon breeding season will commence in earnest…

Wow! Indian Skimmers at Rawal Lake Islamabad

Hello readers, this is Swabi birder sharing the most unforgettable experience of our birding day at Rawal lake. During the weekend ending on the 24 February 2018, Islamabad had a few rain showers. Excited about migration, the team decided to look for birds at Rawal lake.
Our Team member ZR was out early on Sunday morning scanning the shores of Rawal lake. I was having a lazy Sunday, when I got a call from him about the presence of Indian Skimmers in the area. The feeling to find a Lifer is always fascinating and within no time I was all set to leave for the lake along with my birding friends.
Walking slowly along the rocky bed of the lake, which was once filled with water was nervy, but then I spotted the two beautiful, Indian Skimmers flying towards our side. Their acrobatic flight was a treat to watch. They would fly in the sun, come back to the lake, flying with other birds and kept flying the whole time of our stay at the lake. The pair was absolutely beautiful in their breeding plu…

Birding Islamabad in February

The Winter months were always my favourite to go birding using Islamabad as our base. There are so many areas of fantastic wildlife habitats within easy reach.
Swabi Birder guided his team of enthusiastic birders and photographers into the Margalla Hills National Park and obtained another series of fabulous shots that continue to challenge established knowledge regarding the birds of Pakistan.
Well done Team! I am both jealous and proud of your achievements. Enjoy, this little beauty to kick things off!

I hear Swabi Birder might be on his travels soon to one of my favourite Pakistan birding locations. Cannot wait to see what the Team discovers!

Rare Birds for Birders during Luckiest Outing To Ayubia

It has been few weeks since Islamabad has received rain and the weather is pretty hot, with mist and dust in the air. Once a city of clean air, Islamabad is suffering pollution like the other cities in Pakistan.
I am lucky that an adult male Crimson Sunbird has been regularly visiting a Banana Plant in my garden. I kept my camera handy and enjoyed time with this beauty.
Birds in the Margalla Hills are having terrible time, as the water sources are almost dried out and they are remaining at higher altitudes. Understanding the situation, RMK, ZR and my diplomatic friends decided to travel up to Ayubia National Park.
We left Islamabad at 0600 hours and our first stop was a roadside place near Murree. Around 0745 hours when the sun was almost touching the peaks, ZR was lucky to take a lovely shot of an adult female Black-naped Woodpecker. A very rare bird in Pakistan.
I was lucky to see a pair of Slaty-headed Parakeets. We spent some time at this spot and then decided to move on to a new area…